The 4 Best Places In Your Home To Use Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film comes in many varieties. You can buy films that make your windows appear to be stained glass, or more translucent films that resemble frosted or etched glass. However, you may be wondering just where you would fit decorative window films into your home decorating scheme. While window film may be useful (for example, it can cut your energy bill in the summer by rejecting as much as 80% of the sun's heat) it's true that it may not be appropriate for every window in your house. But you can be certain that there are at least some windows in your home that could benefit from decorative window film. Check out a few of the places that window film looks best.

In the Bathroom

Despite the fact that it's arguably the room where you need the most privacy, bathroom windows are some of the most difficult windows to find coverings for. Obviously, long drapes or curtains are out of the question. Even short, lightweight curtains can be problematic, because they can become damp from the humidity of a hot shower or bath and become breeding ground for mold or mildew. Window blinds are an option, but blinds are time consuming to clean, because they need to be removed and washed on occasion.

Window films are a beautifully simple solution to the bathroom window dilemma. Ensure your privacy without adding anything extra to the room that needs to be cleaned or protected from moisture. The bathroom is a great place for a frosted glass style window film. And if you have a glass shower enclosure, you can always add matching film to that.

Where Your Plants Are

If you have a glassed in lanai or sun porch and plants that need to be exposed to indirect sunlight, you've found another perfect place for window film. While the direct sunlight coming through the glass may be too much for your plants, you can create an area with a soft, healthy amount of sunlight by strategically applying window tint.

For an area like this, choose tint in colors that will be healthy for plant growth. Remember that blue, red, and yellow light are all important in the process of photosynthesis. You may also want to choose a pattern that lets in some of the natural light, just not a lot of it from any one angle.

Where the View is Bad

Do you live next to those people that never mow their lawn, or that always seem to be setting up for a garage sale, but never seem to actually sell anything? Or do you live next to something else unsightly, like an overgrown empty lot, a parking garage, or an alleyway? Now you no longer have to look at it. Just use the decorative window films on the side of the house with the lousy view, and you'll never have to see it again.

What's more, you can look at something beautiful instead. An ugly view is a perfect excuse to put up the window film that resembles stained glass. You'll be able to look at a pretty window instead of the less than desirable view outdoors.

On the Side Windows by the Front Door

If you've noticed that anxious guests are peeking in your side windows after they knock or ring the doorbell while they're waiting for you to answer, you may be disturbed by their tendency to peep. Stop the looky-loos from looking too closely while also making the windows look attractive.

Mirrored tint might be a good choice for these windows. Let curious guests get a good look at their hair or quickly reapply their lipstick, rather than looking in on you.

You don't have to apply tint to every window just because you want it on one or several. Strategically placed decorative film can fit neatly into your home's decorating scheme and perform useful functions at the same time.