4 Common Signs of a Failing Fuel Pump

The majority of modern vehicles run on gas, and the fuel pump is a vital part of a car. When it is operating properly, the fuel pump delivers gas from the gas tank to the engine. Having a functioning fuel pump is essential for a car to run properly. Unfortunately, like all auto parts, fuel pumps can wear out over time. Some common signs that your fuel pump is beginning to fail include:

Whining Coming From the Fuel Tank

A fuel pump in good repair typically makes a low humming sound when the car is turned on -- some people may not even notice the sound of a normal fuel pump. But as the fuel pump ages and begins to wear out, it can begin making a much louder howling or whining sound. This sound will be coming from the area around the fuel tank, where the fuel pump is mounted. If you notice your vehicle making this type of sound when your car is in operation, visit an auto service center to have the fuel pump inspected and replaced if needed.

Hard Time Starting Up

When a fuel pump is going bad, it will no longer have the power to pump the gas to the engine while also holding the proper pressure. Since an engine can't start running without fuel, you may have a hard time starting your car if the fuel pump is going bad. You may have to crank your engine multiple times before the fuel pump is able to engage enough to send fuel to the engine and keep pressure steady. Don't ignore issues with starting your car -- have it inspected and diagnosed by a mechanic.

Engine Performance Issues

If the engine is not receiving the proper amount of gas from the fuel pump, it will most likely experience performance issues. You may notice that your engine begins to misfire and the fuel efficiency is decreased. It is also possible for your vehicle to experience a loss of power when accelerating, or even stall completely if the engine is not receiving enough gas to power the vehicle. If you notice any of these issues, don't automatically assume that your engine is at fault -- have the fuel pump checked out first.

Vehicle Won't Start

A vehicle that has a fuel pump that has failed completely will not be able to start. The engine may still crank, but the complete absence of fuel will prevent it from turning over and starting up. A number of issues can cause a vehicle to not start at all, so you will need to have a full diagnostic inspection done by a mechanic like those at Don's Service Center to determine if the problem is your fuel pump.