Bring In The Mechanic: Fix Up Essentials For Your First Used Car

Most people don't start off with a brand new car as their first vehicle. It's expensive to buy or lease a new car, especially if you're going to be learning on it. Accidents and little nicks and scratches are less of a heart-breaker on an older car that has already been through a lot. You don't have to worry too much about the minor things. That said, you do have to worry about some of the major things, especially if you bought your car from an individual and not through a used car dealership where it might come with a warranty and a certificate of inspection. A private sale is a great way to save a bundle and get a bargain, but it can also be a great way to get burned if you don't get the car taken care of as soon you purchase it. You never want to drive around without having a few key issues addressed. Here's an example of what to look into.

Get New Brake Pads Installed

This is a major issue with older cars. Bad brake pads can cause a delay in stopping power, which can cause accidents. The pads wear down over time and need to be replaced. When you are driving, you might notice that the car doesn't react as quickly as you would like when you hit the brake. Don't just ignore this. It is a sign that the pads are worn away and, soon enough, it will be metal on metal (brake rotor on rotor). So, bring your used car into an auto service shop and have them install new brake pads.

Make Sure The Suspension Is Sound

Many people do a very crude suspension test when they are buying a used car; basically they try and bounce the car up and down by the bumper and see if it has too much movement. This is really only going to show significant damage to the suspension. There might be weak shock absorbers or coil springs that are yet to get really damaged. However, the longer you go without having the suspension checked, the more damage can occur. Bad suspension can warp the frame of your car, which is simply disastrous. It cannot be fixed and you will have to scrap the car. So, head in to an auto shop and make sure the suspension components of the car are in great shape. Contact a business that offers auto service for more information.