4 Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Your car's transmission system sends power to your car and shifts its internal gears, which is why it is crucial for safety and fuel economy.When something goes wrong with your car's transmission, it's important to have it repaired immediately before the issue becomes more serious and costly to repair.  Luckily, transmission issues are usually fairly obvious as long as you know what to look for and don't ignore the signs. Here are four major signs you need transmission repair:

Your Gears Slip On Their Own

One major sign that you need transmission repair immediately is if your car slips into a different gear. Having your car change from drive to neutral while you are driving, for example, is dangerous and can not be overlooked. This common sign of transmission problems needs to be addressed by a mechanic immediately to prevent a potential accident and protect your car's internal mechanisms from further damage. 

Your Car Has Difficulty Accelerating

Another important sign to look out for is difficulty accelerating. If your car used to ease into faster speeds with no problem, but it now feels like it takes a while to accelerate and you feel resistance when you use the gas pedal, your transmission system definitely needs to be looked at by a mechanic. A sluggish accelerator may simply seem annoying at first, but can become dangerous in situations when you need to accelerate quickly, such as when merging onto the highway.

Your Car is Making Strange Noises

If your car is suddenly making strange clanking, screeching, or whining noises, especially when you accelerate, it's important to have it looked at right away. Strange noises can be indicative of a wide range of issues, including suspension or brake problems, but when your car is demonstrating other signs from this list along with strange noises the problem is most likely transmission-related.

Your Car Shakes When You Shift Gears

Shifting gears should be a smooth process. If instead, your car shakes or shudders when you shift gears, this can be a sign that a component of your car's transmission system has broken down and needs repaired or replaced right away.

Transmission problems should be taken care of as soon as you notice them. By taking your car into an experienced mechanic when you notice any of these signs, you will be able to protect your car's transmission from further problems and ensure your car is safe to drive.