Time For Your Kid To Drive To College? Simple Steps To Make Sure Their Car Is Ready For The Trip

Now that summer is winding down, it's time for kids to start heading off to college. If your kid is going to be leaving for college, you'll want to make sure they're fully prepared for the adventure. If they'll be driving to college, that preparation should include taking a closer look at the car they'll be driving. The last thing you want is to have them stranded on the side of the road somewhere between home and college. To make sure your kids car is ready to safely carry them to college, here are two easy steps to help get you started.

Purchase Roadside Assistance

If your kid is going to be driving themselves to college, you need to be prepared for possible roadside troubles. That's where the roadside assistance comes in handy. Before your kid takes off for college, make sure you purchase a roadside assistance plan for them. If they're on your auto insurance policy still, check to make sure you have that coverage. If not, now's a good time to add it. A good roadside assistance plan will take care of any emergency situations they'll encounter on their way to college, including flat tires.

Schedule a Complete Maintenance Appointment

You want to make sure that the car your kid will be driving is up to the challenge, especially if college is a considerable distance away. While you're making all the arrangements for their departure, take the time to schedule a complete maintenance appointment with your mechanic. You'll want them to inspect the major components of the car your kid will be driving, including the following components.


While your kid is driving to college, you want to make sure that their brakes have the proper stopping power. Have the mechanic check the brakes to make sure there aren't any problems that need to addressed. Be sure the pads are of sufficient thickness, and that the rotors aren't grooved.


If it's been a while since you had the battery tested, have the mechanic conduct a test to make sure it has sufficient power to get the car started, and keep it going. If the battery is weak, have it replaced before your kid leaves for college.


If the tires on your kids car are more than a year old, have them inspected. If the tread is wearing thin, or there are signs of weather damage, such as sun rot, have the tires replaced. Be sure to purchase a warranty with the tires. This will provide additional protection for your kid once they're off at college.

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