The Three Most Common Reasons For A Check Engine Light

When the check engine light comes on for your car, you may feel very nervous about this. The check engine light can indicate that your car has a serious problem that needs to be corrected. However, the check engine light can also indicate a problem that may not be very expensive for your car.

Oxygen Sensors Need To Be Replaced

One of the most common reasons for why the check engine light turns on is that the oxygen sensors need to be replaced. This is a sensor that measures the amount of oxygen that is unburned. The cost of replacing this sensor continues to drop. However, this is a problem that can be expensive not to fix because the lack of a functional oxygen sensor can cause the engine to have poor fuel economy. The oxygen sensor is in the exhaust and is used to determine how much oxygen the engine will need. 

Catalytic Converter Is Defective

The catalytic converter is the second most common reason for a check engine light to come on. The catalytic converter can unfortunately be a very expensive part to repair or replace, with an average catalytic converter costing $1,000. The cost of the catalytic converter is based on the car it has been designed for, with luxury cars coming with higher prices. The high price is the result of precious metals that are involved in the construction of the part. The good news is that a catalytic converter will not fail unless there is another problem with your car, so you may be able to avoid this problem. 

The Fuel Cap Is Loose

One of the easiest problems to solve is a loose fuel cap. The check engine light is designed to come on when fuel vapors are escaping, which is often the result of a fuel cap that is not properly in place. The cap can also reduce your fuel mileage by causing your car to produce more emissions. Inspect the cap to make sure that it is fully tightened. Often, a mechanic will inspect the problem for free and will then shut off the check engine light. If the cap is lost or damaged, it may cost somewhat more to have it replaced, but it is still one of the least expensive components on your car. However, if none of these problems seem to fit, it is a good idea to visit an engine auto service business.

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