Can A Fender Bender Do Mechanical Damage?

If your car has been involved in a fender bender, you might be tempted just to ignore it and think that it is not worth reporting to the insurance company or even taking it for repairs. However, you might want to think again. Even the most minor fender bender could cause significant issues with the mechanical parts of the car. These issues could lead to damages that would require major auto repair services down the road if you are not careful.

A fender bender could likely cause a jarring effect on mechanical parts of the car, and these damages could leave you stranded somewhere in the future, or even cause another accident. Here are some examples of mechanical damages that your car could sustain.


If the fender bender damages the radiator or other parts of the car's cooling system, you are bound to have an engine overheating problem. Some of the cooling system parts that might suffer damage include the reservoir, cylinder heads, fan, and coolant line. With an ineffective cooling system, your car will overheat.

Dead Battery

Your battery might also be affected by the fender bender if the sediments in it are displaced. If these sediments reach the lead plates, then they might break off or short the plates. When this happens, the battery life is significantly reduced and you will have a dead battery on your hands,

Power Steering Loss

A fender bender accident impact might cause a crack in the power steering fluid hose, and if too much fluid leaks out, you will lose power. This can be quite dangerous as you could suddenly lose the ability to steer your car while in the process of driving.

Off-kilter Tires

The force of the fender bender impact might cause an off-kilter alignment with your tires. This will force your car to pull to the right or left, and you will have to wrestle with the steering wheel to keep your car in the lane.

Powertrain Failure

A fender bender might also cause damages to your powertrain. A powertrain is very important and includes the drive shaft, transmission and other related parts. If these parts are damaged during the accident, fluid leaks or vibrations can occur. Sooner or later the powertrain would likely fail and require a major repair,

After a fender bender, don't just assume that everything is okay because of the car's outside appearance. Visit an auto body repair shop, such as Coachman Auto Body, and have them check things out before minor internal damages become major.