Why Your Mechanic Should Check Your Car At Least Once A Year

What really happens when you don't maintain your car properly? Car maintenance is vital to the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Maintaining your car will ultimately end up costing you less than waiting until it breaks down and having to pay for a costly auto repair. Without proper maintenance, your car will wear out prematurely.

It's like going to see your doctor. Your mechanic, if it's a trusted mechanic, will help maximize the life and performance of your car. There are certain things you can do yourself, depending on your experience, but there are a lot of things that require specialized and expensive equipment, experience and know-how that most people don't have. A good mechanic can also spot small problems you may not be aware of and help you stop them before they get out of hand.

How Far Are You Driving?

Most car maintenance is based on mileage. Average yearly driving is around 10,000 miles for many drivers. That means if your car is new, you should have at least changed your oil 2 times, rotated your tires and had your brakes checked. Also, if your car is under warranty, you may have to take it in for scheduled maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Definitely take advantage of all services that are covered under your warranty; don't wait to check out that strange noise until the warranty has ended. 

Oil Changes

Change your engine oil every 5000-7500 miles. Not changing your oil regularly leads to wear and tear, the premature break down of your vehicle. Iron, aluminum and chromium can all end up in your oil and circulate through your engine parts. These metals increase wear and tear, releasing more metals into the engine oil. It's a vicious cycle.

Tire Rotation

Rotate the tires every 7500 miles. Not rotating the tires leads to uneven wear on the tires and causes them to wear out faster. This means you have to replace them sooner or put yourself at risk.

General Inspection

Along with these other services, your mechanic is likely to do a general check-up on your car, where they check all of the major systems within the vehicle. A year of wear and tear, especially if you're a commuter, can cause a lot of things to go wrong. In short, your yearly visit to an auto repair specialist is just like your health check-up; it provides basic care and helps you avoid bigger problems down the road.

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