Does Your Car Engine Need Repair? Here Are 3 Signs To Look For

The thought of having car issues is something that most people really don't want to think about, but unfortunately car trouble happens all of the time. Because of this, it is important to know what might be wrong if your car stops functioning as it should. One issue that people run into with their cars are problems with their car engine. There are specific signs that may indicate your car engine needs repair.

Metal In Your Oil 

One sign that your car engine is in need of repair is if you find metal flecks in your oil when you change it out. This metal has likely come form two different metal pieces in your engine rubbing together. This can be very dangerous because it indicates that the engine isn't being protected as it should and it makes your vehicle unsafe to drive. While the cause of this can vary, it could potentially be due to an oil leak in your car. Since your car engine needs oil to function as it should, it is critical that you take your car into an auto service for repair if you notice this issue. 

Clanking Noise 

If you notice a very loud clanking or knocking sound when you turn your car on and being driving, this is likely coming from your engine. This noise often comes from the pieces that actually hold the engine in place. What happens is that they break down and are no longer able to hold the engine in place like they used to. To fix this issue, these pieces need to be entirely replaced. However, because they are part of the actual engine, this sometimes requires some of the engine to be replaced and/or rebuilt. 

Your Engine Is Struggling With Power 

If you find that your engine is struggling a great deal to run your car as it should, this is likely an indication that something is seriously wrong. This often presents itself in the form of stalling your vehicle when driving on an incline or shaking your vehicle once you get up to a certain speed. This lack of power may be due to a clogged valve or some other internal issue. The most accurate way to determine the issue is likely to take your car into an auto service so that they can look at the internal aspects of your engine and run a series of tests to find out exactly what is wrong. 

If you notice metal in your oil, clanking noises, or that your car is struggling to create enough power, it is likely in your best interest to have your car engine checked out by a service like Redford Auto Repair.