How's The Old Motor Home? Getting Ready For Another Summer Season Of Fun

The older the motorhome/RV, the more service and repair it usually needs to maintain it. If you provide it with RV service every year, you know you can count on it to be ready for the summer season. If you want to be sure your old RV is ready to go for this summer, now is the time to do it. Here is how to get the RV ready for another season of family fun.

Get the Engine Tuned Up

Yeah, you probably did this last year, but old engines need their tune-ups. This means checking the spark plugs and battery, which may have soured and gone dead after last summer and several seasons in storage. It also means checking and topping up all necessary fluids, from brake to engine coolant. (You do not want to forget coolant, especially if you tend to drive long distances and/or you will be driving through desert territory this year.) The timing belt should be checked, and the carburetor should be cleaned, if you did not do these steps last fall.

Make Sure the Tires Have Plenty of Tread

An RV is a road machine that beats its tires to bare threads. For that reason alone, you should check the tires every year, and probably replace the tires every two to five years, depending on how far you travel with the RV each year. Since summer vacation is still a month or two away, taking care of the tires now will ensure safe travels later.

Check the Plumbing and Water Storage Tanks

You would not believe how many people forget to check the water storage tanks on their RVs before heading out on the open road. Later, they discover that they cannot take a shower, cannot wash dishes, and/or they cannot flush the toilet in the RV. Even worse, people with older RVs, such as yours, discover that there is a leak in the water holding tanks, a very messy and smelly repair to handle when you are far from home.

Stocking up the Fridge and Pantry

About a week before you head out on the road with the kids, stock the fridge and pantry. This keeps things from spoiling while still putting snacks and drinks within reach once you are on the road. If you start on the road thinking you will grab things later, it may be miles or hours before you stop to stock up. If all of your RV service preparations do not work out according to plan, or something out of the ordinary happens, and you are stranded, you have something to eat and drink until help comes.

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