Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs New Brakes

Even though brakes are an essential part of a vehicle and are used each time you go somewhere, many people tend to forget to check on their condition. It seems to just be one of those things that slips the minds of many people. However, it is very important for you to know what the signs are that you are in need of brake repair services. The sooner you can have those brakes replaced, the safer you and everyone else will be. Here are some of the warning signs that you want to keep an eye out for:

Noticeable Smells Upon Exiting The Vehicle

If you find that after driving for a while, you notice a strong burning smell when you first step out of the vehicle, there is a good chance that the cause of the smell is your brakes. This is especially true if you can pinpoint the smell to the area around your tires. The problem could be that something got stuck and the brakes were forced into the compression position, even when you were not applying the brakes. Then there is the chance that your brake pads could have worn or fallen off, so you were stopping your vehicle through metal on metal contact. Those things will produce what many people relate to as a burning smell.

If you look and find that your brake pads are gone or almost non-existent, you will want to have the brakes repaired at your home or tow the vehicle to a repair shop. It is not safe to drive without proper brakes.

The Brake Pedal Moves A Lot Quicker And Straight To The Floor

There should be a small amount of resistance when you go to push on the brake pedal with your foot, or at least there is when you have proper brakes in place. Should you find that you are suddenly able to quickly and easily push the brake pedal down and it quickly seems to go all of the way to the floor, you have a serious issue with your brakes. It could be that your brake pads are worn out or it could even be that you have a bad brake line. Either way, this is something that is extremely dangerous and needs to be resolved right away.

Find brake repair services nearby if you are worried about the cost of towing your vehicle a long distance. You might even be able to locate a mobile mechanic that can come to your house to replace your brakes.