Selling Your Car To Someone Out Of State: What To Do

You've listed your car on an online or newspaper classified ad, or you have someone who is interested in buying your car. You have the title clean and clear in your hand and the vehicle is ready to go. When you sell your car to someone out of state, transferring the title is a little bit harder than doing so in-state. Here are things you should do when you sell your car so the transaction is complete and all legalities are followed.

Make sure the title is in hand

The first thing you need to do is make sure you actually have your car title. If you don't, then you can apply for a new one or for a lost title. You can do this at your local DMV office or through the assistance of a car title transfer service. Keep in mind this service can take a while for the title to be sent to you once you identify yourself as the vehicle owner, so it's best to make sure you have your car title before the sale is finalized or let the buyer know of a halt in the selling process until you have the title.

Hire a title transfer service

A title transfer service company will assist you in filling out your portion of the car title so you correctly sign, mark the existing mileage, and do other things necessary to make your car selling experience complete on your end. You will especially want this service if your buyer is out-of-state, as state laws for car titles and transferring a non-registered vehicle may vary from state to state and you want to make sure you understand all laws. A car title company will help you with the process if extra steps are needed to complete your part of the title transferring process.

Make sure the buyer completes their end

Once you sell your car, the buyer will have to do their end of the work to get the title into their name with their local DMV. Even if your end of the deal is done, you want to make sure the vehicle title has been taken out of your name and put into the buyer's, so you aren't held responsible for the car later should the vehicle be abandoned or something happens during the new owner's use of the vehicle. Your car title transfer company can help with this part of the process of selling your car as well.