Is It Legal To Drive Without A Car Window?

There are no definite laws when it comes to car windows and whether or not you must have them. There are certain factors that must be considered and one of the most important is the state you're driving in.

Car windows, especially the windshield, play an important role in keeping you safe and comfortable in the car. Therefore, if these windows are compromised, your safety and that of others in the car may be questioned. Could you get in legal trouble if you're driving around town without one or more windows?

Driving Without a Windshield

The law is not consistent from one state to the next. In states such as California though, it is illegal to drive a car that's missing its windshield unless this was the original design of the vehicle. However, you'll still need to have some form of eye protection. In states such as Colorado, a basic windshield is a requirement for all vehicles.

Compared to other windows, driving without a windshield is particularly dangerous. In case of an accident, the occupants could suffer very serious injuries. In many states, even a crack in an area that affects the driver's visibility could result in a ticket.

Driving Without Other Windows

As far as other windows are concerned, the law in many states is not clear as to whether or not it's illegal to drive without them. The laws make vague references with regards to safety and visibility in a vehicle. Unfortunately, these types of laws can be applied very subjectively by law enforcement personnel.

The taped up garbage bag or carton could be said to be impeding your vision. Therefore, driving without a particular window may not be expressly illegal, but it could still result in a traffic ticket.

It's Cheaper to Replace the Window

Some people may postpone auto glass replacement because they're waiting for their insurance companies to handle certain issues. However, some people choose to wait because they don't want to spend the money yet.

However, driving without a window can attract fines that could be as much as $100. This amount of money could go a long way in helping to pay for a new window. Therefore, replacing the missing window would be a much smarter decision.

Driving with a broken window can also be incredibly uncomfortable especially if it's cold outside. Visit your nearest auto glass repair shop today and get a quote.