Pros And Cons Of Auto Window Tinting

Window tinting is one of the most common improvements to a car. Tinted windows can either be added at the factory itself or can be fitted separately at an automobile window tinting company. A thin and transparent sheet of film is applied to the windows of your vehicle.

Just like everything else in life, window tinting in automobiles comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Both aspects of window tinting will be covered, one by one.

The advantages of auto window tinting

  • Security and privacy

Window tinting comes in a wide array of shading that provides an ample level of privacy for passengers in the car as they travel down the road. Also, car owners can leave their vehicles in peace knowing that no one will be able to set their prying eyes inside their car and see if there are any valuables inside.

  • Shattered glass protection

The many safety benefits of window tinting in cars cannot be underestimated. The film used for window tinting is designed to keep the glass from shattering in case of a crash. If such a scenario takes place, passengers are protected from the flying shards of glass from the windows of the car. An added benefit is that robbers and thieves will find it difficult to break through tinted glass.

  • Solar heat rejection

Most people cannot set the right level of air conditioning in their cars; hence, window tinting can help solve that dilemma. A window film can block up to 35%-65% of solar heat buildup in the car. The percentage depends on the grade of the window tinting. It can easily balance the comfort for everyone in the vehicle.

The disadvantages of auto window tinting

  • Reduced outward visibility

One major disadvantage of tinted windows is that they reduce the driver's ability to see outside. The darker the tint, the worse the problem becomes. This disadvantage amplifies as night time draws near. A lot of road accidents have taken place because of window tinting.

  • Illegal in some countries

Because of the potential dangers of window tinting, some countries have totally banned window tinting in cars. Others have imposed laws that determine to what extent the car windows can be tinted. Hence, drivers need to check local laws before getting their automobile's windows tinted.

The advantages of window tinting far outweigh its disadvantages. As long as people remember to put a tint grade that allows them to see outside clearly while driving, they should be fine. Also, car owners need to check local laws regarding window tinting in their area.

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