What To Do When Your RV Breaks Down On The Road

Taking an RV trip is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but you need to know what to do if you break down on the road. Many places can handle RV repair work, but you may not always be able to drive your RV to the shop, so it is essential that you have an emergency plan.

Planning Ahead

You can tow your RV to a dedicated RV repair shop if necessary, but the cost can be very high. If you plan ahead and have some towing insurance to help cover the cost, the situation can be a little less stressful. Several large RV clubs you can join offer discounts on campgrounds and RV lots, RV insurance with coverage for towing and some repairs, and many other benefits for one annual fee. 

Getting insurance and support makes joining one of these clubs have significant value, especially for people that used their RVs a lot. If you break down, you can call the RV club, and they will find a tow service and RV repair shop in the area for you, and if you have insurance to cover the cost of the tow, they will pay the bill the same way many roadside service clubs do for car towing. 

Mobile Repairs

Some RV repair shops offer mobile RV repair and can send someone out to help you if you break down. The technician will arrive with a truck full of tools and often have an air compressor, tire equipment, and maybe even a welder. 

If you have a blowout or flat tire that needs to be repaired, the tech can often do it right on the roadside. The roadside service is not meant to make major repairs, but the tech can fix more than you might think in many cases. 

Tires are a common repair, but broken belts, split hoses, or failed batteries are easily fixed by a mobile RV repair service. You can typically find listings for mobile RV repair online, but not every area has them, so you may still need to resort to towing the RV in for service. 

Truck Stops And Repair Shops

Many times the nearest place to get repairs done on your RV is at a semi-truck repair shop that has large bays, tools big enough to handle the work, and mechanics that are experienced with large vehicles. If there is no RV repair shop in the area, look for a truck stop with a repair facility. 

Truck stops offer fuel, food, bathrooms, and many times if you are unable to drive the RV for a few days, you may be able to still sleep in it at night at the truck stop. 

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