Can You Sense That Smell? 3 Unusual Smells Coming From Your Car And What They Mean

An unusual smell from inside your car would have you frantically check everywhere for the source. Maybe you bought some fast food and forgot all about it. However, if you cannot find the cause of the smell, you might have some mechanical problem. These smells vary, and each points to a different issue. So, the best thing to do is go for auto repairs as soon as you catch the following smells.

Rotten Eggs Smell

Rotten eggs do not have a pleasant smell. This sulfur-like scent often means there is a problem in the catalytic converter. It is in this converter that hydrogen sulfide converts into sulfur dioxide. This issue can tamper with your car's performance and therefore needs immediate attention. In most cases, the converter needs replacement. Alternatively, the smells could mean there is a problem with the fuel filters or fuel pressure sensors. Only a qualified mechanic can find the real problem and fix it.

Burning Rubber Smell

Another dangerous smell you should watch out for is that of burning rubber. It connects to the rubber parts of your car, such as the belt under the hood. In most cases, you will find that it is loose and may even touch hot vehicle parts like the engine, thus the odd smell. Other reasons for such smells are if the drive belt wears out or an oil or fluid leaks. As such, unless you are a car racer and have just come from a spin, do not ignore such smells. Instead, take your vehicle to an auto repair service.

Mold or Mildew

Your car has an AC unit, which usually sucks up moisture and empties the water in a box behind the dashboard. It has a drain which may sometimes get blocked by papers and leaves. The result is mold growth due to the standing water inside the drain causing your car to smell. Also, the water may find another channel to drain and could end up on the carpet or mat. The best way to prevent an occurrence is to go to an auto repairer every few months to have it serviced.

Owning a car comes with a load of responsibilities, and one of them includes staying alert to any unusual smells. However, if you are faithful in taking your car for maintenance or auto repairs at the slightest malfunction, you never have to deal with some of these issues. Visit a professional for the tune-ups, and you will extend its lifespan. For more information, contact an auto repair service