Why You Should Get Rid Of An Old Junk Car And How To Get Free Junk Car Removal

If you have an old car sitting in your driveway that's broken down and not worth investing money in to repair, call a junk car removal company to get rid of the vehicle for you. You can find companies that pick up your car free, so it won't cost you anything at all. Then you can get the junk car off of your property and out of your sight. Here's why you want to get rid of a junk car and how to go about getting free junk car removal.

Why You Should Get Rid Of A Junk Car

Even if the exterior of your car is in good shape and not an eyesore, you probably don't want it taking up space in your driveway. It's important to keep your driveway clear for your other cars and in case you want to rent a dumpster or have company.

It may be against city codes to have a junk car on your property. If the plates expire, you'll probably need to buy new ones, even if you don't drive the car, just so you don't get a code violation. If you get plates, you'll probably need insurance too, and that's a waste of money when you're not even driving your car.

A junk car that you don't use makes a nice place for rodents and other animals to invade and live in. The old car could attract pests to your property, and you don't want that. An abandoned car doesn't provide any benefits, so getting it hauled away is the best option.

How To Get Free Junk Car Removal

You might try calling junkyards or used car dealers to see if they pick up old cars for parts or the metal. You can look at online classified ads for companies advertising they pick up junk cars. Some may charge you a towing fee, so be sure to ask if the car removal is free and whether you have to pay any fee at all. Free junk car removal should be completely free.

Since your car has some value, even if it's just for the metal, you should get paid something for your car. However, don't expect to make a lot of money since your car is being towed for free. Be sure you have the title to the car since the company may not accept your vehicle if there is no title or if there is a problem with the title.

You'll want to take everything out of the car and remove the license plate. The form you receive from the sale should have a section for you to transfer the title to the junk car company so you'll be free and clear of the car. You can probably check your DMV website after several days to make sure the title was designated as junked or non-repairable.

Your old car may be scrapped for metal, torn apart for parts, or fixed up and sold. You may never know what happened to your vehicle, but at least it will be gone from your driveway and no longer be a nuisance.

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