Dealing With Dents And Dings On Your Car To Restore The Value Of The Vehicle

Cars and trucks that are parked outside and unprotected are more likely to have damage occur to the body. Minor dents and dings can occur, and damage can occur from hail and other weather conditions. A paintless dent removal service may be able to restore the body at a much lower cost than if traditional body repair is necessary. 

Damage Inspections

The first step in repairing any body damage involves assessing the damage and determining the best way to make repairs. A dent removal service or body shop will inspect the vehicle's surface, looking at each dent and ding to determine the best repair methods.

Paintless dent repair service is sometimes an option for cars and trucks with some door dings or light hail damage that does not break the paint surface. If there is damage to the clearcoat or paint layer, the vehicle will need respraying to restore the paint. However, if the paint is intact and only has minor dents, a trained technician can fix them without paint. 

The vehicle inspection will allow the dent repair service to evaluate the entire body and then report the findings and recommendations for repair. Once you know what you are dealing with, you can determine the best option for dent repair.

Paintless Dent Removal

The traditional methods used to repair automotive dents and dings often left the paint on the panel needing repair. A pointless dent removal service can repair many dents without causing damage to the vehicle's paint and eliminating the need to repaint the car.

The technician works from the backside of the dent and carefully pushes the metal out, using small movements and special tools that allow the metal to move without stretching. Each adjustment targets a specific part of the dent, and a bright light is used outside the car allowing the technician to see the refraction of the reflected light on the panel. 

When the reflection is no longer distorted, the panel is often so close to new that the dent is no longer detectable from the outside. The paintless dent removal service will work each dent or ding using this method until the body looks new. If the paint does not crack during this process, the vehicle will not require repainting, and the repair cost will often be much lower than traditional dent repair. 

A paintless dent repair service can restore the body without using fillers that could crack later, and when the job is done correctly, the work will help to restore the vehicle's value. You will need to have the shop look at your car to determine if this repair method will work. However, if it will, it can save you a lot of time and money when making repairs. For more information on dent removal services, contact a professional near you.