Avoiding Auto Repairs: 8 Preventative Maintenance Procedures To Preserve The Life Of Your Car

Just as it is essential to have regular checkups performed by your doctor to assess your health and to catch any issues before they become too serious, it is absolutely necessary to perform preventative maintenance procedures on your car to identify smaller problems before they become more serious issues.  There are 8 basic car maintenance tips that you should perform on your car to not only preserve the life of your vehicle but to prevent more costly auto repairs in the future.

How To Clean A Used Rzeppa-Style Constant Velocity Axle

Regardless of whether you own an affordable, low-end car or a high-end luxury car, your constant velocity axles will fail after being used for tens of thousands of miles. Unfortunately, brand new constant velocity axles are expensive. Luckily, you've discovered that your vehicle uses a Rzeppa-style axle that's widely available. For this reason, you have chosen to purchase used constant velocity axles from a scrapyard or aftermarket dealer. Before you put your used car parts to work, clean them to ensure that they operate correctly.

The 4 Best Places In Your Home To Use Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film comes in many varieties. You can buy films that make your windows appear to be stained glass, or more translucent films that resemble frosted or etched glass. However, you may be wondering just where you would fit decorative window films into your home decorating scheme. While window film may be useful (for example, it can cut your energy bill in the summer by rejecting as much as 80% of the sun's heat) it's true that it may not be appropriate for every window in your house.

5 Things To Know About Your Vehicle's Spare Tire

When it comes to driving a car, there are many types of problems you can encounter, and a common one is getting a flat tire. If you get a flat tire while you are driving, you will not be able to go anywhere until the tire is replaced. All vehicles should have a spare tire to use for emergency situations like this, but here are five things that you should know about spare tires.